BIOVALLEY : Producer & Exporter of Organic Prickly Pear Oil

Production de figue de Barbarie bio

Production of Products derived from the Prickly Pear

Today the prickly pear is recognized as a real source of socio-economic development in Tunisia and our country has 600,000 hectares of prickly pears and it is classified:

  • The first in the world according to the Bio Agency in the certified organic production of prickly pears.
  • 5th in the world in terms of cultivated area
  • Among the top three in terms of production of prickly pears from commercial plantations. Based on this encouraging data, a young Tunisian entrepreneur had the idea of ​​launching into this field by setting up an innovative unit for the transformation and valorization of products derived from the prickly pear tree under an approach of social and environmental responsibility, and within a fair trade framework.

About BioValley Tunisia

The project is being implemented under the BIOVALLEY brand .

The production unit is located in the governorate of Kairouan in the Sbikha plain – the Oued el Ogba Valley in Dkhila.
Kairouan is considered to be a flagship area in terms of
natural wealth and is one of the three main prickly pear producing governorates in Tunisia. The BIOVALLEY project aims to ensure, from an innovative and profitable perspective, a socio-economic impact on the local population and to involve and benefit agricultural workers who are often the most forgotten in the agro-industrial model. The women of this area have expressed their desire to play an important role for a common interest in their areas.

Figue de Barbarie Tunisie
Biovalley specializes primarily in the extraction of certified organic prickly pear seed oil.
We are a Tunisian company that develops the prickly pear fruit (opuntia ficus indica) into several other derivatives such as:
*Prickly pear vinegar
*Prickly pear seeds
*Exfoliating powder of prickly pear seeds *

Prickly pear seeds
complete food based on prickly pear co-products
We transform the cactus (Hindi or sultan ELghala) into ingredients and products for the cosmetic and food industry.

Biovalley works to ensure the total valorization of the raw material and achieve the zero waste objective with an eco-responsible vision in order to keep its promises of preserving the environment and the natural environment of the region. Biovalley is committed to a quality approach, using sustainable and organic agriculture .

Notre démarche qualitéOUR QUALITY APPROACH
BIOVALLEY uses all its know-how and carries out rigorous controls from planting to picking, production to packaging and from storage to transport in order to guarantee impeccable quality.
Quality approach

BIOVALLEY works to ensure the total recovery of the raw material and achieve the zero waste objective with an eco-responsible vision in order to keep its promises
to preserve the environment and the natural environment of the region.



BIOVALLEY works continuously to guarantee a superior level of quality in accordance with national and international quality norms and standards…